Smallest Dash Cam in the world [Our TOP 3 Picks] 2021


Having a Small dash cam in your car gives a sense of confidence to you. It is discrete and you don’t have to worry about getting stolen. you may think which is the best dash cam which is small but packed with lots of features, that any ordinary dash cam has. lets discuss all that right now. 

What is qualifies as a small dash cam?

Dash Cams so small and discrete do not get unwanted attention from strangers. Covertly collecting all the evidence for you, like a secret spy at your service. 

What compromises stealth?

  • Bright screen
  • Large structure
  • Noise
  • Colorful, glaring body.

[P.s all the recommended dash cams below are clear of these defects]

Why own a small dash cam? Benefits.

Small dash cams are advantages than the larger ones,

  • Less likelihood of break-ins and theft.
  • Safe to leave the dash cam overnight, in the parking area etc.
  • Micro dash cams don’t obstruct the driver’s clear road view, thus making them safe in the eyes of law.

The world's smallest dash cam!

Conbrov T17 is the World’s smallest dash cam [or that’s what conbrov claims, we can’t conclusively confirm it but hey its pretty tiny…]

Being a size of 1.97(length) x 0.28(width) x 1.38(height), it captures video at 1080p resolution.

The dash cam mount(car bracket) has the ability to rotate 360° so you can record inside the car too.

Other features:

  • Night vision
  • G sensor
  • Loop recording

What we don’t like about Conbrov T17:

Although it is a tiny dash cam, it comes with a 1.5″ LCD screen.

You may think it’s a great deal!, but a Display Screen will compromise the stealth. We at dashcamy believe this is not the best hidden car camera.

But, If you are interested in a small dash cam with screen  Conbrov T17 is one to buy.

Garmin dash cam mini

Best known as Car key-sized dash cam, Garmin mini is the best small hidden dash cam. Being so tiny, this stealth dash cam records video at 1080P HD covering 140° wide angle.

Built-in WiFi let’s you to easily connect and view footage on your smartphone via Garmin Drive app.

Dash cam Auto sync ability enables you to control up to Four dash cams from the Garmin Drive app. Therefore you can build a 360° complete car security system.

The app allows you to upload, view, edit and share the footage to social media. By the way, did you know you can live stream your travel journey!

8 GB micro SD card, class-10 or faster (not included) recommended.

What’s in the box!

  • Garmin Dash Cam Mini;
  • Low Profile Adhesive Mount; 
  • Vehicle Power Cable; 
  • Long And Short Usb Cables; 
  • Documentation.

  • Super stealth, small hidden dash cam.
  • 1080p HD image quality.
  • Dash cam auto sync feature.
  • No battery
  • Only saves incidents, normal footage is overwritten.

BlackVue DR900X- 2CH Features

  • 4K Ultra HD footage at 1080p resolution.
  • 8 MP front (CMOS sensor) and 2.1 MP rear (Sony Starvis™ sensor, best for low light)
  • 265 High Efficiency Video Coding system compresses video file without compromising quality.
  • With Cloud service you can enjoy live view from your dash cam on the BlackVue mobile app.
  • Native parking mode, without any additional accessories. 
  • Voltage cutoff and timer can be set in the BlackVue App to protect your vehicle’s battery.
  • Impact and motion detection.
  • Operation Temperature: : -20 °C, -4 °F – 70 °C ,158 °F (manufactured with super capacitors).
  • Built-in GPS to visualize your location on map during playback.
  • Built in WiFi helps to download video files instantly into your smartphone/tablet.
  • LTE module(optional) will provide an amazing cloud experience. 

What’s in the box!

  • BlackVue DR900X-2CH (Front Cam + Rear Cam)
  • Power Cord
  • Rear Cam Cable
  • x5 Cable Clips
  • Double-Sided Tape for Mounting Brackets
  • BlackVue 32 GB micro-SD Card
  • micro-SD Card Reader
  • Ultra-High definition image quality
  • H.265 HEVC compression system
  • Dual-band WiFi transfers file for up to 3X speed
  • Super Discrete
  • The software needs to be updated frequently.


This Dual dash cam captures video at 1080p Full HD in front and 720p in rear. It uses 2.12MP CMOS Sensor(front) and 1.0MP CMOS Sensor(rear) for a distortion-free, crisp image quality.

Built-in WiFi lets you download and view footage on your smartphone via the official app.

THINKWARE FA200 built with Super Capacitors and Thermal sensor, suitable for extreme temperatures.

Operating Temperature:

  • 14°F – 140°F
  • -10°C – 60°C

Storage Temperature:

  • -4°F – 158°F
  • -20°C – 70°C

Red light camera and speed camera alerts through the TWA-SGM GPS Antenna [optional]

Thinkware’s Anti-File Corruption Technology helps against Data fragmentation and file corruption.

Additional features:

  • Parking surveillance mode
  • impact and motion detection, 
  • energy saving
  • time lapse mode

SD Card and Hardwiring kit is also included in the package.

This dash cam is recommended for users from the USA and CA only.

What’s in the box!

  • Cigarette Power Cable, 
  • THINKWARE 16GB MicroSD Card with SD Card Adapter,
  • Rear View Camera, 
  • CS Information, 
  • FA200 Main Dash Cam Unit, 
  • Rear Cam Quick Start Guide, 
  • Adhesive Cable Clips (3ea), 
  • Rear Cam Cable, 
  • Mount with Extra 3M Adhesive Tape, 
  • Quick Start Guide/Warranty

  • Discrete dash cam
  • SD card failure warning
  • Super capacitors integrated with thermal sensors.
  • Hardwiring is bit complicated
  • File transfer rate through wifi is average.

Stealth is important characteristics of any In-car-camera. They cause little to no distractions and do not attract thieves. So buying a good micro dash cam is always a great investment.

All the above recommended dash cams are unique in their own way. we chose Garmin dash cam mini as the best small dash cam. you can buy anyone one of the above according to your taste and needs.