TOP Dash Cams with ALEXA, How Alexa works with Dash cams?

How does Alexa work with Dash cam?

Alexa skills are an extension of voice activated dash cams. All the features of Alexa are now available on your smart dash cams.

The dash cam microphone picks up your voice commands and then Alexa comes into play.

Like on any other Alexa device, you have to first say the wake word – “Alexa”. The built-in Alexa picks up this and gets activated.

Your proceedings commands are recognised by this smart dash cam, and fulfills your wish.

For example: “Alexa, ask my dash cam to show Speed”, here ‘Alexa’ is the wake word, and the rest is your voice command.

Then Alexa, with its voice recognition ability, controls your dash camera and Displays your vehicle’s speed.

Likewise, you can use various other voice commands to achieve your task  from your dash camera.


There maybe plenty of dash cams which can be controlled through your voice. But when talking about dash cams in which you can use your Amazon ALEXA, only two dash camera companies qualify.



Both dash cam manufacturers are well recognized in the dash cam community. they have dash cams with different features from each other. also they come in various price points.

lets discuss all the Alexa enabled dash cams from these two companies and choose the best one according to your needs.


Garmin 66w Features:

  • 2 inches LCD screen included.
  • 180° wide field of view in 1 MP camera, 1440p resolution, 30 fps with Garmin Clarity HDR™ for enhanced image quality under low light conditions
  • GPS enabled, for you to view your location during the playback.
  • Voice control to start/stop and save recordings
  • Loop recording allows to record non stop and automatically saves footage of accidents
  • G sensor and driver alerts( forward collision, lane departure warnings and a “GO” alert) to enhance driver awareness.
  • Internal battery can record for 30 min after/if the power supply [car battery] is turned off
  • Red light camera and speed camera location alerts (not available in all areas) can be updated through the subscription free Garmin express.
  • Travelapse™ feature helps you to capture and share hours of driving footage into minutes of highlights.
What’s in the box!
  • Dash Cam 66W;
  • Low profile magnetic mount;
  • Vehicle power cables;
  • Dual USB power adapter;
  • Documentation

Note :
If there arises a difficulty in pairing the dash cam with the app via Bluetooth, like asking for an update or something, simply reboot and repair. Most of the time it solves the problem or else contact customer care.

  • Compact,nicely blends within the car

    180° wide view without any bubble effect

    voice commands

    Magnetic mount is very effective.

  • SD card not included[8 GB, Class 10 or faster recommended]

    For parking mode, you need to buy Garmin parking mode cable separately.

    Apps may have bugs but can be resolved through an updates


Which all languages does the voice control support?

Voice control is available for English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish.

When I 66w dash cam to save video, does it save before you told it?

In this case, the Garmin 66w dash cam will save the previous video clip, the currently recording clip, and will save the upcoming clip.

Each of these clips will be approximately 1 minute in length, for a total of 3 minutes of saved video around the time of the incident.

What happens when the memory card is full? Do I have to delete manually?

With the loop recording feature, older video files will be overwritten buy the new ones but only the incidents sensed through the motion detectors will be saved.



Nextbase 422GW is the best dash cam for your car, apart from parking mode, night vision, and g sensors, it IS also Alexa enabled and has SOS emergency alerts which is a bargain considering the quality and the price of this model. know more about the Nextbase dash cam below.



  • 140° wide-angle view at 1440p, 30fps with night mode, giving you an amazing image quality.
  • Parking mode (high sensitive G sensors) suitable so that the nextbase422w dash cam can record and save any bumps or unusual movement when you are away from your car.
  • Alexa integrated, you can take calls, play your favorite music while driving with a peaceful mind.
  • 10 Hz GPS module with SOS alerts, to alert emergency services to your location in case of an accident.
  • Touch screen enabled.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for you to view the footage on the go. very helpful in the if you need to show it to the cops.
  • Easy to remove the dash cam from Magnetic Mount whenever you please.