Best Dash cam with AUDIO 2021 | Ultimate guide

Recently I was checking my dash cam footage and I noticed it recorded all the voices inside the car. I never knew if my dash cam could record audio. Then, I wondered if that’s even legal? I continued exploring the rabbit hole and ended up with this ultimate guide for dash cam audio management.

Let’s start with simple questions; do dash cameras record Audio? 

Most dash cams in the market are equipped with a microphone which records Audio inside your vehicle. You can turn it on or off depending on your needs. In your case, visit dash cam company’s official website to just check if your model records sound.

They are many pros for recording audio as there are cons. Yet you should be aware that its illegal to record audio in some states of america. we will discuss all that in this dash cam audio guide.

Wait! You don’t own a dash camera yet and figuring out if audio recording is necessary? Don’t worry, I’m going to dig deep into all that at the end of this article.

Advantages and disadvantages of recording audio on your dash cam.


  • If you ever get into an accident and it’s completely the other party’s fault, then having the audio file is crucial to prove your innocence.
  • You may catch the other person saying things like “oh I’m sorry” or “…my  bad”. All these are confessions!
  • The audio file tremendously helps when you get assaulted/raped out of the camera’s view.
  •  Sometimes, due to sunlight or camera angles, dash cams can not pick up the license plates. Reading out loud helps a lot.
  • Dash cam can catch audio from both inside and outside the vehicle.
  • Outside – tire screeching, bumps, scratching the outer body of the vehicle etc..
  • Inside – indicator, horn, ABS kicking in and many more, which all can be vital information. 



  • You may tape personal information.
  • If you swear a lot, then you may be partly accused in the court.
  • An argument can be made against you stating that you were distracted by the music.
  • There are regional laws demanding consent from occupants about recording audio.

There are clearly more benefits for recording audio, but if you are concerned about your privacy, like somehow your Information will be stolen and uploaded on the internet, then it’s completely fine to turn it off.

Most dash cams which record audio are set to default ON mode, but there should be a switch or a button to control it, make the dash cam on or off. The position of that may vary in your particular device.

Legality of Recording Audio :

You may be super excited after knowing the advantages of keeping Sound ON, in your dash cam but do you know if you are ALLOWED to do that?

Many states in the USA and in other countries consider recording audio as invasion of privacy and you will be sentenced for wiretapping.

So, You may ask…

How to legally record audio with dash cam?

Put stickers saying ‘ smile you are being recorded’ or ‘this vehicle is under surveillance’. If you don’t like the idea of having stickers then verbally tell them about the dash cam and obtain consent.

Though you may feel it’s going to turn down the mood, if you have that recorded, it can be a great evidence against them if they ever try to sue you for not letting them know about the dash cam.

PRO TIP: Never show your dash cam footage directly in the court. Always consult with your lawyer and don’t give it to anyone except your lawyer.                                                                                                                

BlackVue DR900X- 2CH

Being a premium dash cam, BlackVue DR900X has amazing sound capture abilities.

  • 4K Ultra HD footage at 1080p resolution.
  • 8 MP front (CMOS sensor) and 2.1 MP rear (Sony Starvis™ sensor, best for low light)
  • 265 High Efficiency Video Coding system compresses video file without compromising quality.
  • With Cloud service you can enjoy live view from your dash cam on the BlackVue mobile app.
  • Native parking mode, without any additional accessories. 
  • Voltage cutoff and timer can be set in the BlackVue App to protect your vehicle’s battery.
  • Impact and motion detection.
  • Operation Temperature: : -20 °C, -4 °F – 70 °C ,158 °F (manufactured with super capacitors).
  • Built-in GPS to visualize your location on map during playback.
  • Built in WiFi helps to download video files instantly into your smartphone/tablet.
  • LTE module(optional) will provide an amazing cloud experience. 

What’s in the box!

  • BlackVue DR900X-2CH (Front Cam + Rear Cam)
  • Power Cord
  • Rear Cam Cable
  • x5 Cable Clips
  • Double-Sided Tape for Mounting Brackets
  • BlackVue 32 GB micro-SD Card
  • micro-SD Card Reader

  • Amazing sound quality 

  • Ultra-High definition image quality.

  • H.265 HEVC compression system.

  • Dual-band WiFi transfers file for up to 3x speed

  •  Super Discrete

  • Software needs to be updated frequently.

  • Not budget friendly but  worth every dime.


Viofo A129 pro duo is the best budget dash cam for your CAR. It has decent audio quality, best at it’s price range.

Being equipped with Sony 8MP IMX317 Sensor in the front camera and Sony IMX 291 sensor in the rear camera, you can be sure to capture street signs and licence plates without any hassle.

With Viofo A129 dash cam you not only will get sharp images but it also automatically balances the lighting at overly bright and dark areas using the upgraded 7-Glass F1.8 aperture lens and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology.

It comes with Buffered Parking Mode which detects the collision beforehand and starts capturing the event.

To effectively use parking mode, it is better to buy VIOFO HK3 hardwire cable separately.

The unique features about A129 is it has got the dual band(2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) WiFi, which helps you transfer files fast without any wireless interference.

The built-in GPS will log the location, time (satellite synchronized) and the speed of your CAR, so if you ever get pulled over for speeding, you will have ample information about your driven path as evidence.

    • Dual dash cam, front (4k, 130°) and rear (1080p, 140°).
    • 8 MP Sony image sensors with perfect amount of wide view.
    • Built-in GPS and Dual band WiFi
    • Buffered parking mode,Loop recording, emergency recording, motion detection, time lapse.

The maximum SD card that can be used is on Viofo A129 is 256 GB.

Here is data on how long it will take before looping to the first video file.

HBR : 18.2 {18 H 12m)
LBR : 28.6 {28h 36mm}

HBR : 9.1 ( 9h 6m )
LBR : 14.1 (14H 6M)

HBR : 4.5 (4h 30m)
LBR : 7.1 ( 7H 6M)

[ HBR= high bit rate LBR= Low Bit rate]

What’s in the box!

  • 1* Front & Rear camera
  • 1* Car charger
  • 1* Rear camera cable
  • 1* Mini USB cable
  • 1* GPS mount
  • 1* Trim removal tool
  • 5* Clips
  • 2* Stickers for front & rear cam
  • 1* Mount for rear camera

  • 1* Card Reader adapter

  • This is the Budget option, you won’t find all these amazing features in this price point

  • Decent audio quality

  • 2.0″ touchscreen is provided

  • Dual band WiFi

  • Maximum of 256 GB microSD card supported

  • Loud beeping sound.

  • Micro SD card and wiring kit not included

  • Having a screen may compromise the stealth


Does Viofo A129 dash cam work if connected to OBD port?

No, native OBD port is not supported.

Can you use the screen and rear cam as a backup cam setup?

Not advised as the screen is too small to use as a backup camera.

It is of enough size to hold it in your hand and view the footage, so in case of emergency you don’t have to waste time transfering files to your system.


This Dual dash cam captures video at 1080p Full HD in front and 720p in rear. It uses 2.12MP CMOS Sensor(front) and 1.0MP CMOS Sensor(rear) for a distortion-free, crisp image quality.

Built-in WiFi lets you download and view footage on your smartphone via the official app.

THINKWARE FA200 built with Super Capacitors and Thermal sensor, suitable for extreme temperatures.

Operating Temperature:

  • 14°F – 140°F
  • -10°C – 60°C

Storage Temperature:

  • -4°F – 158°F
  • -20°C – 70°C

Red light camera and speed camera alerts through the TWA-SGM GPS Antenna [optional]

Thinkware’s Anti-File Corruption Technology helps against Data fragmentation and file corruption.

Additional features:

  • Parking surveillance mode
  • impact and motion detection, 
  • energy saving
  • time lapse mode

SD Card and Hardwiring kit is also included in the package.

This dash cam is recommended for users from the USA and CA only.

What’s in the box!

  • Cigarette Power Cable, 
  • THINKWARE 16GB MicroSD Card with SD Card Adapter,
  • Rear View Camera, 
  • CS Information, 
  • FA200 Main Dash Cam Unit, 
  • Rear Cam Quick Start Guide, 
  • Adhesive Cable Clips (3ea), 
  • Rear Cam Cable, 
  • Mount with Extra 3M Adhesive Tape, 
  • Quick Start Guide/Warranty

  • Records Clear Audio

  • Discrete dash cam SD card failure warning

  • Super capacitors integrated with thermal sensors.
  • Audio is not available during Time Lapse

  • Hard-wiring is bit complicated

  • File transfer rate through WiFi is average.

General Dash cam audio FAQ's :

I have already mentioned a lot of information about the dash cam audio management. yet you will get some questions in your mind after you buy any dash cam.

That’s why this section is loaded with the Right answers for your all your Dash camera Audio queries.

Do police dash cameras have audio?

Yes police dashcams and body cameras can record sound. They are not permitted to tamper the audio/ video footage.

Cops have the option to mute dashcam and every time their actions will be logged into the database.

What sounds do dash cams make?

If you own a dash cam you must know it makes noise sometimes. Usually there are beeping sounds coming out off dashcams.

In many cases this is to indicate that the device is not recording, mainly because there is an SD Card failure. 

Other times, some dash cams give lane departure warnings and other driver alerts.

If you find rattling noises coming from other than it’s speakers then it must be that the dash cam is not installed properly so it’s juggling around when you ride.

I hope this Ultimate Dash Cam Audio is been helpful for you. IF you are looking the Dash cam with the best sound quality BlackVue 900X is the one you should go for.

On a tight budget? get the VIOFO A129 PRO DUO. audio quality is decent plus you will get screen too!

THINKWARE FA200 is the best overall dash cam in the market. Packed with all the great features, it records good sound.

Check Legality in your region before buying any of the above awesome dash cams.


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